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Business Development Manager

Mont-Saint-Guibert, wallonne, Région, BelgiumDSEC - Sales

Job description


Develops sales and DSEC's presence in the market for DSEC's activities in a specific market or for a specific product.

Participates to and initiates commercial actions.

He reports to the Chief Sales Officer.

Main tasks and responsibilities:

· Participate in the development of a business strategy

· Identify the challenges and issues relating to projects

· Identify potential clients with a view to creating new business relationships

  • Direct and/or respond to consultations and bids in accordance with company policy
  • Understand customer’s needs and elaborate proposals accordingly.
  • Present and defend the proposal up to contract award

· Coordinate the development of strong client relationships

· Maintain a follow-up during project execution and whenever necessary participate in issue resolution

Job requirements

Know How & Profile

· Knowledge of industrial unit operations commonly used in agro industrials field

· Experience in Capital Expenditure and project execution

· Contracting knowledge

· Responsive and timely

· Client-oriented, transform client issues into DSEC opportunities

· DSEC “believer” & team player

· Good strategist i.e. positioning strategy to win (price, technical, schedule, key staff, etc.) and able to negotiate

· Perseverant, follow-through on actions

· Understanding of demand and identification of client needs


- At least 10 to 15 years’ experience in engineering or industry (agro industrial sectors of sugar, vegetable oils, biofuels, agrochemical or biomass)

- With the responsibilities described in the “Main tasks and responsibilities” paragraph (above) during at least 2 years


- Master in Engineering


- English

- Other languages are an advantage